Explorations of Organisational Knowledge
Practices of Managing Knowledge
Knowledge Creation and Organisational Innovation
Acquiring, Sharing and Transferring Knowledge
Organisational Learning
Knowledge Strategies, Organisational Competencies and Competitive Advantage
Information Technologies and Knowledge Management
Human Resources, Knowledge Work and Knowledge Management
The Journal of Management Studies Doctoral Colloquium
Practitioners' Track
Knowledge Creation and Organisational Innovation
Passages from Organisational Knowledge to Innovation: New Economy Dynamics, Intangible Assets and Organisational Design.
Damaskopoulos Panagiotis
Some Contextual Antecedents of Cognitive Over-Simplification Processes in R&D Environments: An Exploration of the Influence of Social Context on Reasoning and Knowledge Creation Practices in R&D Teams
Tenkasi Ramkrishnan (Ram)
Using Time and (Social) Space when Trying to Innovate
Bouwen Rene, Van Looy Bart, Debackere Koenraad
Resistance to Innovation Among US Drug Abuse Treatment Providers: When Organizational Knowledge Interferes With Organizational Learning
Hilton Thomas, Flanzer Jerry, Cartwrigh William, Bennet Fletcher
Creating Knowledge for Sustainability: Using SSM for Knowledge Environments and Conceptualising Technological Interventions
Venters Will, Cornford Tony, Cushman Mike
New Business Development Teams: Does Managing the Knowledge Flow Lead to Success?
Buchel Bettina, Maznevski Martha, Weldon Elizabeth, Denison Dan
Knowledge Conversion Abilities and Knowledge Creation and Innovation: A New Perspective on Team Composition
Huang Jia-Chi, Wang Sy-Fong
Complements or Substitutes?:Organization & Project Team Strategies For Developing The Capability to Mobilize & Create New Knowledge
Un C. Annique, Cuervo-Cazurra Alvaro
Social Capital & Knowledge Creation in an ERP Project Team: Unintended Incapacitating Consequences of Social Capital
Newell Sue, Tansley Carole, Huang Jimmy
The Knowledge - Creation Process: A Critical Examination of the SECI Model
Lopez Saez Pedro, Muina Fernando Enrique Garcia, Martin de Castro Gregorio
The Effect of Customer Orientation and Intra-Organizational Competition on Innovativeness: Generating Creative Conflict.
Matsuo Makoto
The Innovation Process in Alliances
Gudergan Siegfried, Bucic Tania
Knowledge Creation Across Boundaries: Innovative Work in Software Development
Metiu Anca
Knowledge Creation and Industry Cluster Learning
Lindsay Valerie
Time and Organizational Learning in New Product Development Projects
Bourgeon Laurent
Interaction of Social Capital with Organizational Diversity in Knowledge Creation and Learning in the Workplace
Ramanand Shobha, Moore Michael, Schweitzer John