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The following paper was inadvertedly missing from the original conference proceedings by Marleen Huysman 

The following paper was inadvertedly missing from the original conference proceedings by Jimmy C. Huang, Sue Newell and Robert D. Galliers. 

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  • To share insights concerning the state-of-the-art research on Organizational Knowledge & Knowledge Management; Organizational Learning; and the New Competitive Advantage of Firms in the Knowledge Economy

  • To explore how organizations generate, share, and disseminate knowledge; learn; turn their learning into effective action; and develop distinctive knowledge-based dynamic capabilities

  • To learn from the Knowledge Management practices and strategies of leading firms world-wide

  • To examine the implications of viewing organizations as knowledge systems for Information Technology & MIS, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Operations/Production, and Corporate Strategy

  • To contribute to the discussion on the role of public policy and higher education in the knowledge economy

    Distinguished Guest Speaker

    Mr. Akis Tsochatzopoulos, Minister of Development on ''Sustainable Development 2010: The Way Towards the Knowledge Society''

    Keynote Addresses

  • "Double-Loop Learning and Implementable Validity"
    Professor Chris Argyris, James Bryant Conant Professor, Graduate Schools of Business Administration and Education, Harvard University
    "An Epistemological Perspective on Organizations and Innovation - How Can Organizations Afford Knowing?"
    Dr John Seely Brown, Chief Scientist, Xerox Corporation; Chief Innovation Officer, 12 Enterpreneuring; co-author, The Social Life of Information
    "Customer Relationship Management in a Networked World"
    Professor Soumitra Dutta, The Roland Berger Chair of e-Business and Information Technology; Dean of Technology and e-Learning; Director, eLab@INSEAD; INSEAD, Visiting Professor, ALBA
    "Knowledge in Theories of Adaptation and Innovation: Operationalizing Knowledge in Evolutionary Economics"
    Professor Arie Y. Lewin, Professor of Business Administration, Professor of Sociology and the IBM Research Fellow, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, and Dr. Silvia Massini, Lecturer, UMIST School of Management
    "The Knowledge-Based View of the Firm: A Review and Appraisal"
    Professor Howard Thomas, Professor of Management; Dean, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, and Professor John McGee, Professor of Strategy, University of Warwick, Warwick Business School
    "Open Source Software Development: Reflections on the Innovation Model"
    Professor Georg von Krogh, Professor of Management; Director of The Institute of Management, University of St. Gallen